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                                            Hi my name is Bentley Kalu and i'd like to welcome you to my site.


This is a comprehensive site that covers all areas of fitness , Health, nutrition and also includes exercises and programs

for women.

We all know that fitness has for years been seen to be someworth contradictory in itself. If you start reading the

first page of any health and fitness magazine , you will inevitably come across some form of contradiction before you get to the end.

Suffice to say that in my humble opinion, I think that no one person has all the answers to all areas of health and fitness, simply put.

This is a learning process and each individual is biochemically and physically unique so what works for one does not necessarily work

for someone else. Please feel free to browse this informative site and I hope you find loads of usefull  information .

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Mission Statement

Bentley good health will  help its members obtain their individual fitness goals.  BGH will provide high-quality exercise, nutritional and personal training advice and Service.  BGH will help its members achieve measurable results, weight-loss and increased stamina, while helping them to achieve higher levels of self-esteem and personal satisfaction.  BGH will differentiate its services through the knowledge, commitment and passion of its members, and through the quality services it will provide.




Hello readers , a very good day to you all. I'd like to take this opportunity to introduce myself and tell you all a little bit about myself. As you may have picked up from my site name my name is

Bentley Kalu and I am a strong believer that people should practice what they preach, this is why I have dedicated myself to being in the best shape of my life at all times so as to lead by example.

Always remeber that an important aspect of training is that there is NO TOMORROW, whatever you want to achieve, get to it right away, do not wait because from experience "Tomorrow never


I have the ability to perform as an active team member or on lone assignments. I also communicate extremely well at all levels and can learn to adapt

as the situation demands.My disposition is very friendly and approachable.

As for my education and other certifications, please feel free to browse below



                                       National Personal Training Institute Falls church Virginia.

                                       Personal trainer Certification U.S.A

                                       American College of Sports Medicine Health and Fitness

                                      Instructor Certification.

                                     Areas covered: Exercise physiology, musculoskeletal anatomy,       

                                     Nutrition, behavioral modification (change), body composition.

                                     First Aid Certification


I have been involved in personal training from a very early age. I have been boxing professionally for 7 years, I have also done

a lot of one to one training at the following companies

               HOLMES PLACE HEALTH CLUB MAYFAIR-         

                                       Personal trainer

           FITNESS FIRST LEYTON-fitness instructor/                        

                                     Personal trainer



        BODY PERFECT (PPM) Fitness instructor

       Body Basic Fitness Personal trainer

       FUN & FITNESS Head Fitness Instructor and sports    


My hobbies include fitness training, tennis, movies, indoor and outdoor games, traveling, back packing.  I also enjoy reading and listening to music.

Any questions regarding my background are most certainly welcome , also I look foward to questions on all  aspects of fitness from all of you, just send

any queries to   me via the-contact me page. Please be sure to leave a contact e-mail address or phone number if you wish to be contacted by me. Thank you.